Okanagan Lake Mixed - Use Development

Coldstream By Avillia Developments

Avillia Developments will be developing a unique area on the waterfront of Okanagan Lake in the City of Vernon, British Columbia.

This 16-acre development is identified in the City of Vernon’s Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre Plan as a new and significant development along Lakeshore Drive adjacent to Lakeshore Park and Beach.

This mixed-use development may contain retail stores along with various types of residential housing such as townhomes, condominiums and rental apartments. In addition, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, and other potential stores and sporting-related rentals could help shape the development. To compliment this site and the entire area, a resort-type use is also in the planning stages, meaning the potential development of a hotel and/or vacation properties.

This lake-front development has the potential to be a hub of activity for those living and visiting Vernon and the north Okanagan area. With direct access to Okanagan Lake and a short drive to Silver Star Mountain Resort, this site is ideally located for both water and mountain related recreation. With the many golf courses, trails, and sporting facilities nearby, this new development could cater to many recreational users.

The anticipated commercial and residential development could provide a true work/live balance many of those living in, or moving to, Vernon desire and seek. Sitting by the pool, have a beverage on a water- front patio, or sipping coffee while walking on the beach, this new development will be attractive for both active and passive users.

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In addition, if you are a commercial or resort developer and have interest in our proposed development, please contact us at mail@avillia.com or by phone at (1-833-AVILLIA) 1-833-284-5542